Camille and Trent | Brighton Utah Engagements

Hi! Remember how I started this blog, then completely forgot about it, and then let 10,000 shoots pile up before I remembered to blog about them? Well now is as good of a time as any to actually get on that, so I want to start by sharing this mountain engagement shoot with Camille and Trent. 

First, let’s talk about how magical forest lighting is. When I shoot, I try to place my subject between me and the light source, creating a soft and bright backlit photo. However, in a forest, that’s nearly impossible. In a forest, all you really have to work with are a few streaks of light directly above your subjects, or coming from one side, leaving you with all sorts of shadows you just don’t need in your life right now. This type of light scares me because it’s so far from my comfort zone, but for this shoot, I decided to leave the reflectors and light modifiers at home and just embrace it. What we got were these perfectly moody images for this perfectly moody couple (just kidding, Camille and Trent are lovely). 

As you can see, things brightened up a bit when we got out of the forest because autumn is a really great thing here in Utah. 


AND WELCOME. If you’re new here, I’ll start off by saying my name is Lauren (of the Lauren Nielsen Photo fame) and I am the reason this website exists (so meta, right?). 

That’s me. Wearing a hat.

I just wanted to create this little space to chronicle my photographic endeavors, highlight some of my favorite shoots, and share some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way. 

I’ve always loved the collaborative aspect of this industry and the generous exchange of knowledge I’ve found here. Without it, I wouldn’t be half the photographer I am today, nor would I ever be able to continue to improve. So please, ask questions! Or let me know what’s worked for you! We’re all just learning here. 

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